Vacation Rental Damage Agreement

FUNDS DUE UPON BOOKING: The total amount of rent, including rental, cleaning, pool heat, city bed tax (“TOT”), security deposit and other fees, is due at the time of booking, unless other agreements have been made with AVR. SECURITY DEPOSIT: A valid credit card that must be stored at the time of booking is required. Your booking was charged either $89.00 for a non-damage to cover up to $1,500 in damages, or we cashed a down payment. If a deposit is not recovered or the claim costs are greater than the cancellation coverage or the amount of the deposit, the deposited credit card will be debited for one of these fees. Customers give the consent of Vacation Rentals by Kimberly Properties, the credit card for damages, missing items, excessive cleaning, fines and, if necessary, the cost of removing customers from the property. PETS:Pets are allowed in some units as long as pet fees have been paid. Unauthorized occupancy of pets in non-domestic units results in immediate evacuation and loss of all rents and deposits. If, after your departure, unauthorized pets are discovered, a fine of $45 per day, plus additional cleaning costs, will be charged. If you have permission to bring a pet, the following rules must be followed: 1) $125 pet fees for each pet. 2) No animals on furniture or sheets.

3) Please do your best to remove all pet hairs in order to avoid cleaning times/additional loads. 4) All waste must be collected and placed in garbage cans that are safe in garbage bags. (Please remember that we don`t have a garbage service and that the rulers have to remove their waste with their vehicles!) 5) No animals in the bathtub. 6) Pets should not be left in the unit unattended unless transported. 7) Damage up to $1500, caused by licensed pets, is COVERED if you have opted for the plan for damage to the holiday apartment! Otherwise, the customer assumes full responsibility for the damage caused by pets that are charged from the credit card. 8) Any additional cleaning that must be done for pets is charged to the tenant at a price of 45 USD per hour. It is common practice for many property owners to use a fixed amount (z.B 250 USD) for bail for vacation damage. This number always remains the same, regardless of the length of the client`s stay. It is also often established in accordance with the value and quality of the apartment`s facilities. The missing inventory should also be included in the “damage to the apartment” category. Finally, you need to replace the missing item as surely as if the item was damaged or broken. In addition, you should also repeat the conditions of the security deposit.

Why do you charge the security deposit? What damages would cause customers to lose their right to repay? When and how are you going to return the security deposit? For any repairs caused by the customer, you will need a valid invoice or receipt for the work done or the item repaired. SECURITY GARANTIE: The repayment of the deposit is processed after the property has been emptied and all the terms of that contract are met. In the event of an infringement, the security is used to compensate the owner and/or agent for this violation, including the payment of the costs of cleaning, repairing or replacing the property, its contents or its public and recreational spaces, the loss of rental income and expenses related to future customers. In the event that this down payment is not sufficient for this purpose, the customer bears the additional costs on request and authorizes AVR to charge these fees to the allocation card. If all the terms of this contract are met and the house is not damaged, the down payment will be processed within 7 working days of the departure date. For a stay of 28 days or more, deposit refunds will be processed within 30 days