Tsawwassen Self Government Agreement

b. a director, senior officer or employee of a Tsawwassen Corporation, whose primary mission is to provide public programs or services that are reasonably similar to those of the federal, provincial or local governments rather than to engage in commercial activities; 42. Tsawwassen First Nation may obtain by agreement a delegated authority, including a legislative authority. b. are registered in Canada under another land rights agreement; Or the Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement (the Treaty) is a tripartite agreement between Canada, British Columbia and the Tsawwassen First Nation. This is a comprehensive agreement that provides for the transfer of land and self-government justice to the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN). This is a major change in the relationship between Tsawwassen First Nation, Canada and British Columbia and various other tools that enable Tsawwassen First Nation to succeed as a self-managed First Nation. The contract entered into force on 3 April 2009. Tsawwassen First Nation was the first in B.C to be awarded a contract through the BC contract process. h.

conflict of interest rules comparable to those generally recognized by governments of similar size in Canada; Following the effective date of the contract, Tsawwassen First Nation becomes a member of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) and will appoint a Director to the GVRD Board of Directors. Tsawwassen First Nation will pay for key mandatory services in the VPN, such as air quality, strategic planning, 911, regional parks and generalities. b. Do everything in its power to appoint representatives to the negotiations who have sufficient powers to reach an agreement or who have appropriate access to that power; and 77. If the Joint Fisheries Committee has been unable to agree on a recommendation or is unable to meet due to special circumstances, either Party may submit its written recommendations to the Minister and issue a copy thereof to the other Parties. 110. After receiving notification from the Tsawwassen First Nation pursuant to Term 109, British Columbia and Tsawwassen will negotiate and attempt to reach a lease aquaculture agreement under provincial legislation. (1) This Agreement is a focal treaty and debt agreement within the meaning of sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. 10. Any financing necessary for the purposes of a fiscal financing agreement or other agreement concluded as a result of negotiations necessary or authorised under a provision of this Agreement and providing for the assumption by a party of financial obligations shall be subject to the use of resources: 11. . .