Template For Life Tenancy Agreement

It is not uncommon for a will to say that a particular person has the right to live in a home for that person`s life. This is called rent of life (or interest in life or life). Advice should always be s asked, because according to the text, the right to use the property may be extinguished if the tenant of the life no longer resides in the house. Alternatively, the tenant may have the right to use the house for the rest of his life, even if he does not reside in the house. This may allow the tenant to rent the house to someone else and recover the rent. At the end of the apartment, the house is treated according to what is written in the will. At any time during the lifetime rent, other beneficiaries and the tenant of life can negotiate to cancel the rent for life, usually with a payment to the tenant of life. Alternatively, if all other beneficiaries agree, the house can be sold and another house, perhaps more appropriate, can be purchased through which the lifetime rent remains. In these circumstances, legal advice should always be obtained. A usually means that a tenant of life must pay prices, taxes and maintenance fees on the house. If these fees are not paid, another beneficiary may file an application with the Supreme Court that can order either the payment of the fees or the termination of the lease for life.