Subsequent Pledge Agreement

Article 16. Safeguarding collateral in the event of the transfer of rights to mortgaged property to another person Article 18. Transfer of a debt as part of an obligation guaranteed by a bond article 25. Consequences of non-performance of a debtor`s obligation by the commitment of a third party (guarantor) Article 31. Early execution of an obligation guaranteed by pawning and enforcement of a mortgaged property Article 42. Subject of the collateral of goods in circulation Article 17. Disposal of rights under an Article 49 deposit contract. Legislation applicable to an Article 24 deposit contract. Termination of a pawn contract by filing Article 29. Acceptance of mortgaged property as out-of-court compensation for the Guaranteed Commitment Article 50.

Sale of real estate guaranteed in the case of auctions outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, Article 27. How mortgaged property is si partitioned Article 36. Subject to collateral with the abandonment of pawning assets with Article 14. Risk of accidental death of a mortgaged property Article 34. Responsibility of the holder of the challenge in case of loss or damage to the property as a pledge Article 47. Protection of the interests of the deposit holder in the event of termination of his rights and the rights of the elusive on pawn holdings based on the reasons provided for in section 13. Replacement and recovery of the purpose of the article 11 pledge. Form of the deposit agreement and its registration Article 44. Consequences of the debtor`s performance of obligations to the pledgeee Article 48. Protection by the holder of his rights on the object of the guarantee Article 7. Security of ownership or rights jointly held by several people6 If an error is detected in the deed, and mark Ctrl-Enter. V.

GUARANTEES OF THE RIGHTS OF THE PARTIES UNDER A PLEDGE III. PLEDGE WITH LEAVING OF PLEDGED PROPERTY AT THE PLEDGER. PFANDWARE IN CIRCULATION II. PLEDGE WITH TRANSFER OF PLEDGED PROPERTY TO PLEDGE HOLDER (DEPOSIT) © government institution “The National Legal Information Centre “Adolat” under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan Article 23. Consequences of completion by a third party of a lender`s claims.