Goods Perishing Before Sale But After Agreement To Sell

23 .1. Barring other intent, the parties` intention as to when ownership of the goods should be transferred to the purchaser is governed by the rules set out in this section. (2) If the delivery has been delayed by the fault of the buyer or seller, there is, despite paragraph 1, a risk of fault of the part of the fault with respect to a possible loss, but this fault. 3. No proceedings may be initiated under this section to enforce a buyer`s right to pledge against goods held, detained or under the control of an agent. 6 (1) A sales contract is a contract by which the seller transfers or commits the goods to the buyer against a silver consideration, so-called price. 56 (1) In the event of a breach of the warranty by the seller, or if the buyer chooses to do so or is obliged: The buyer may 76 (1) The buyer`s right to pledge is unloaded if the seller (ii) the goods under the sale contract and 64 (1) if the holder of the goods owns the property of the goods The recipient of the goods did not notice that the other person is not the owner of the goods. , the recipient has the same right to pledge to the goods for advances on or for the use of the other person, as if that person was the owner of the goods. and can transfer such a pledge to another person. 52 (1) If the ownership of the goods is passed to the buyer under a sale agreement and the buyer unduly neglects the goods or refuses to pay the goods in accordance with the terms of the contract, the seller may sue the buyer at the price of the goods. 36 (1) If the seller has the right or obligation to send the goods to the buyer under a sales contract, the delivery of the goods to a designated or unsigned carrier by the purchaser is considered a delivery to the buyer, unless there is evidence to the contrary, of the goods to the buyer.

(2) Nothing in this part waives a buyer`s rights under a sales contract, including a buyer`s right, c) if an auction is not declared, it is subject to an auction right in the seller`s name, it is not lawful for the seller to offer or employ a person to offer for sale. , or that the buyer knowingly accepts an offer from the seller or such person, and any sale contrary to this rule may be considered fraudulent by the buyer; 17 (1) In a contract for the sale or lease of goods by designation, there is an implied condition that the goods comply with the description. (i) in the case of a sale or lease, the seller or renter has the right to sell or lease the merchandise and 3. If the goods are perishable or if the unpaid seller notifies the buyer of the seller`s intention to sell the sale and the buyer does not pay the price within a reasonable time, the unpaid seller can recover the merchandise for resale and the original buyer for the losses. resulting from the purchaser`s offence. 5. Where the merchandise is owned by a third party at the time of the sale, the seller is not delivered to the buyer, unless that third party acknowledges to the buyer that the third party holds the goods on behalf of the buyer.