Commercial Lease Agreement British Columbia

(b) commercial general liability insurance (including, but not limited to, the legal liability of the tenant and contractual liability to assume the liabilities assumed under Article 10.2 of this Agreement) against claims relating to bodily, fatal or material damage that occurs on or around premises, public spaces and facilities, building and land, roofing, including activities and operations; which are carried out by the tenant and any other person on the site, by the tenant and any other person working on behalf of the tenant and by those for whom the tenant is legally responsible in another part of the building or land. These policies are written on an aggregate basis of a total limit of at least five million dollars ($5,000,000) for bodily injury to one or more persons or property damage, including, but not limited to, the tenant`s legal liability, lump sum contractual clause, gross and salvatory liability, assault, bodily injury and property damage, and higher limits than the lessor, if acting reasonably, from time to time; 3.3 With a period of 15 days, the Lessor may terminate the Rental Agreement under the Rental Agreement if the Tenant fails to respect, honor and comply with all agreements, agreements, obligations, conditions and other provisions of the Rental Agreement to be respected, performed and abide by the Tenant beyond this 15-day period. 23.1 At the end of the rental period, the tenant will leave and return the premises in as good condition and condition as at the beginning of this rental agreement, appropriate use and wear and tear and damage caused by the excluded elements. Due to the complexity of commercial contracts, we recommend that tenants consult an expert, for example. B a business lawyer, before noting their signatures. The tenant must complete his first improvements to the premises within six (6) months from the date on which the tenant takes possession of the premises in order to implement his estate improvements. An unused portion of the assistance must not apply to any portion in any form of rent or cash. 2 Any person who has rent late or on a lease or a reason for life may recover such rent arrears per share, as if that rent were due and reserved for years. Not applicable Monthly leasing payments to be made by issuing cheques to the tenant`s bank account with a Canadian financial institution.

2. In the event that an order or assignment of a contract or assignment is placed against or by a lessee under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada), the depositary or agent shall, in a lease, have the right to retain and retain the leased premises for a maximum period of 3 months from the date of receipt of the order or assignment. or until the expiry of the lease, whichever happens first, under the same conditions as those under which the tenant could have kept the premises if there had been no order or assignment. 2. If, during the main hearing, it is established that rent was reserved by a parol, a shipwreck or an agreement (not by deed), that rent may be the measure of the damage to be recovered from the applicant. Both landlords and tenants must sign and date the contract. Landlords must provide a printed copy to their tenants within 21 days of entering into the contract.. .