Certified Copy Of Registered Agreement To Sale

Dear Sam, yes, you can hire any trusted civil lawyer and get the authentic copy of the deed of sale. Now we plan to register the apartments to register the respective wills of 1) grandson (who is 12 years old) and 2) son (28 years), we wrote a copy of the letter A4 will, we have the death certificate. Now, my cousin intends to sell his property if he takes a certified copy of the related documentaries? The buyer asks that Sam love. I think you can apply and receive a certified copy of the sales letter from the sub-registrar`s office. Please inquire with them and update the status here!, will be useful for all of us! Hello, I live with my father, who has been cooperative for 20 years. My father got a real copy of the sale deposit and all the company house delivery documents, other original documents, but cannot sell the original deed. I found under the recorded announcement of some pending taxes. Is it with them? Hello sreekant, I bought a property 3 months back by a broker. After checking xerox copies of parental documents and EC,Property were registered.now requested for the home loan and the bank lawyer found a missing document of the originals.owner X sold me and I bought it before this Mr.Y X, and this document is missing.also,The parents` documents before Y are available. I think the real estate agent deceived us and sold us this property. Need your kind advice in this regard.

The sale of my property is destroid white ants. How do I proceed?0/ Love Parthasarathy Ji, In general, it is advisable to give Classified Ad before applying for a certified copy of the sales status. But still, I believe you are moving forward and giving the announcement about the lack of s. Since you have already received a certified copy of your sales letter, it all comes down to whether or not the buyer accepts the copy. To obtain a certified copy of Index II, an application must be filed under Section 57 of the Registration Act, 1908 and Rule 73 of the registration rule, in 1961, at the relevant lower office in which the document is registered. In application, the number of the series of documents should be mentioned. z.B. BRL1 /………………/2015 and the year of recording. Affix 5/- The stamp of the legal tax (in the form of a label) on the application. Stamp duty: in accordance with section 26 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, in the form of a legal fee stamp (in the form of labels) of 20/- Coping Charges: 5/- for each page as cash registration fee tables period: Is within 7 days if the document is registered after 2002 and if before 2002, then it takes 15 days from the date of payment of the copy fee.

Certified Compliant Copy: Index II obtained by the Sub-Registrar`s Office is applicable as evidence of evidence as an original index II. Application forms for index II Click here Dear Mallik, Since you are the current owner of the property, you can submit FIR for the Lost Mother Certificate document.