Agreement Or Alliance

If the terms of this agreement are replaced, all other conditions remain in full force and are not amended. Both parties have three months before the termination date of this agreement to offer an extension or enter into a new strategic alliance agreement, as deemed necessary. This strategic alliance agreement is recognized and approved by both parties. All materials and objects contained in this agreement remain the intellectual property of the party concerned that manufactures such objects. At the conclusion of this agreement, all previous agreements between the parties, either in writing or oral, are considered invalid. A model agreement regulating the relationship between two companies established in different countries, which wish to obtain mutual benefits by creating a strategic alliance that could have different objectives: carrying out a research project, developing and manufacturing new products, providing complementary services, exchanging customers and commercial networks, etc. The alliance is based on a cooperation agreement and, in this sense, does not involve the creation of its own business; in this case, an international joint venture agreement should be used. If a condition under this strategic alliance agreement proves invalid or unenforceable, the parties will have the right to replace that condition with a provision similar to that deemed necessary. The parties agreed to enter into a strategic alliance. Therefore, no employer-employee relationship is established or implied.

Both parties agree that they may receive information considered confidential or private for the duration of this contract. PandaTip: Strategic alliances require that both parties be able to communicate and make decisions quickly. In this section of the proposal, both parties must designate a person who will be able to act on their behalf in matters related to the strategic alliance. At no time in this agreement can any of the parties involved award, delegate or cede part of this strategic alliance agreement to unauthorized third parties. Communications If one of the parties requests a notification, it can be served in person or sent by letter of declaration to the receiving party. The two sides remain independent for the duration of the Strategic Alliance Agreement and have the rights and capabilities as such. PandaTip: Once the fields of this model have been filled with the corresponding details, both partners can create an E-Sign signature with the following fields. GSK had option rights to the program under the aforementioned strategic alliance agreement. The agreement defines the objectives of the alliance, establishes a management committee for their implementation, sets the contributions of the parties to the financing of costs (preferably 50-50) and interest.

It also regulates the use of intellectual property rights and the exchange of confidential information between the parties. The main elements of the agreement (territory, contributions from the contracting parties, applicable law and competent jurisdiction, etc.) propose several formulation options to choose the most appropriate options depending on the situation.