Agreement Aimed

DOHA, QatarThe United States on Saturday signed a peace agreement with Taliban fighters aimed at ending the 18 years of bloodshed in Afghanistan, which began after 9.9,2011, and allowing U.S. troops to return from the longest war in the Americas. The UK and France have signed a new agreement that aims to take all necessary measures to prevent and combat illegal immigration across the Channel. The agreement between the two countries was signed by British Interior Minister Priti Patel and French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. According to the press release of the British Ministry of the Interior, this new agreement will increase the number of French coastal officers and equip them with better equipment to deal with the situation and prevent illegal immigration from 1 December. While Pompeo was attending the ceremony in Qatar, where the Taliban have a political function, he did not sign the agreement and appeared to avoid any direct contact with the Taliban delegation. Instead, the agreement was signed by U.S. envoy for peace Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, after which they shook hands and shouted to the Taliban “Allahu Akhbar” or “God is greatest.” Other people, including Qatari hosts, applauded politely. The agreement aims to ease some U.S.

economic sanctions against China, while Beijing would strengthen the purchase of U.S. agricultural products and other products. For example, Mr. Trump cited beef, pork, poultry, seafood, rice and dairy products. Mahowald said she feared that China, which had originally reached a two-nation agreement with the Obama governments on limiting emissions, and that other nations would decide they would not have to do the same to reduce carbon pollution. The agreement signed in Doha on Saturday in the presence of leaders from Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will pave the way for the gradual withdrawal of their troops from the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump signed a trade deal with China on Wednesday aimed at boosting exports by U.S.

farmers and producers and reducing tensions in a long-running dispute between economic powers. In a statement, the Taliban said they had agreed “on ending the occupation of Afghanistan.” “The number of officers patrolling French beaches will double as a result of a new agreement reached today by the Minister of the Interior and her French counterpart to combat migration activities in the English Channel. Patel and Darmanin reaffirmed their determination to make this path unprofitable,” the us-U.S. officials` press release said, saying that the eventual withdrawal of all U.S. and allied troops from Afghanistan does not depend on a concrete outcome in discussions between the Taliban and other Afghan factions about the country`s future.