Accept The Commercial Entity Agreement Paypal

Note: This agreement was previously designated as a commercial agreement HSBC COMMERCIAL ENTITY AGREEMENT for CREDIT CARD Processing Services The link is again This business unit Use agreement for PayPal payment card-financed processing services (“Commercial Entity Agreement” or “CEA”) is made available to all users PayPal, commercial enterprises are (as defined by Visa Europe, Visa Inc, Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, UK Maestro, Solo and/or International Maestro (together the “associations”) and open a first or business account (such use of these accounts collectively called “Premier/Business Service”). Any user PayPal is referred to by this as “reseller” and can be called “you” and/or “you.” This AEC represents your separate legally binding contract for the processing of credit and debit cards for PayPal transactions between you and the WorldPay unit (as defined below) and its related companies (together the “acquirers”). For the purposes of this AEC, “worldpay entity” (a) WorldPay (UK) Limited, if Merchant is headquartered in Europe; and/or b) the Royal Bank of Scotland N.V., if Merchant is headquartered in Singapore and/or Hong Kong; and/or (c) the Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, if Merchant is headquartered in the United States. For the purposes of this AEC, the financial institution (s) resides in the same associative region (s) that you are established for associational purposes and with which the purchaser has established a relationship in accordance with the requirements of the association in order to allow the processing of card transactions whose identity you can obtain when contacting PayPal. In accordance with the provisions of this AEC, the purchaser may terminate the provision of credit and debit card processing services and apply one of the provisions of the merchant`s payment settlement PayPal agreement (also known as the PayPal) (“AAE” agreement agreed by and between the distributor and PayPal. In this AEC, “we,” “we” and “our” refer to the purchasers. Dealers accept the terms and conditions of this AEC. Merchant also agrees that this AEC is a legally binding contract between Merchant and Acquirer. This contract on commercial enterprises can be amended at any time by PayPal who publish a revised version of the AEC on the website (s) PayPal. The revised version is published at the time of the PayPal.

If we propose to substantially change this AEC, we will notify you of such a change at least 30 days in advance, by posting a notification on the site`s “Update Policy” page (PayPal). After this 30-day period, you expressly agree with all the changes made to the AEC.